What they said at Plymouth Fitness

about Choreographed Conditioning

Linda is very energetic - professional!

She brought things back to basic. Helpful and refreshing. The time flew by - it flew and was awesome

Liked her breakdown and explanation of choosing appropriate exercises. Rebecca D

Workshop was very practical

I enjoyed talking about the controversial/situational exercises that we should not execute and be cautious of as well. Linda is a fantastic instructor and teacher. Jacob C

Great workshop - creative ideas for conditioning. Jean P

Very knowledgeable presenter

Linda challenged us/(me) to rethink the same old exercises

Linda introduced me to TRX and I absolutely love it! She has the training and knowledge to help each student reach their full potential. In Zumba, she is fully energized and engaging! I love the fact that she works out with the class and makes the workout seem like a party! The class just flies by. Linda is warm, personable, and genuinely interested in her clients and their well-being. I feel fortunate to have found her and value the services she provides to me.



Linda is a terrific personal trainer. I have had the opportunity to work with her for the last 7 years. She is motiviating and has a variety of specialties. I personally love her Pilates sessions



"Linda is an awesome inspiration. I have had the pleasure of working along side her as her colleague at the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She is an organized, professional who prides herself on keeping current with new trends in the fitness industry. She is a very quick but thorough decision maker and can adapt to changes in an instant. I admire her not only from a professional standpoint but a personal one as well. Dedicated individuals like Linda are hard to find. "​

​J Jude Guillory, Master Certification Specialist

What the Fitness Program Director, Sara Luelloff said at UWM:


Hi Linda,
I just want to thank you again for flying in to do those workshops for us this past weekend! I really enjoyed them and they were very well received by my staff as well. It’s always great to hear from another perspective and to get some new ideas to utilize in our classes and with clients. It was definitely a FUN day while learning! We are all excited to incorporate what we learned and take our classes to the next level.